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Now wired with a J1772 connector

Electronics | Posted by admin December 12th, 2010

Finally got around to wiring in the J1772 connector into my car today. The connector end I wired into my 220volt 30 amp circuit in my garage.

Its Red

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin April 11th, 2010

A month of preparation and 2 days of painting.

Head Room

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin March 29th, 2010

The single biggest problem I have with the GT40 design is the head room. The GT40 was given this destination because the roof height was 40 inches. The Valkyrie is slightly higher but not by much. My 6’1″ body is a bit tall for the car. One solution is the Gurney bubble which many GT40s sport. This bubble over the driver was designed to fit Gurney’s tall frame. I never liked the bubble. I think it kills the cars lines. I wanted a different solution.

Battery Tie Downs and Linking

Electronics | Posted by admin July 6th, 2009

Now that I had the batteries it was tine to finish up the battery racks and create tie downs for the batteries. Securing the batteries in my mind was the single most important job in making this a safe car. Since the driver sits so low in the car, most of the batteries are sitting right behind the driver. Making sure that the batteries don’t get loose and move forward is important.

I originally had looked at using straps with ratcheted ties. I then looked at metal bands. In the end i used 3/8″ rod and bar steel frames on top.

Out of the garage

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin March 23rd, 2009

GT 40 Reference Photos

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin December 31st, 2008

Following are photos of the Ford GT40 that this car is modeled after. The Valkyrie used the 1960’s GT as it’s model, the following are some shots of what I believe is a 2003 Ford GT40. Ford made a lot of improvements especially in the way of comfort. As I complete my EV-GT I plan on modeling it as much as I can on this model.