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New Video about the EVGT-40

EVTV | Posted by admin May 9th, 2011

This video segment was produced for Jack Rickards EVTV.

The video was shot and edited on an iPhone 4 and iPad.

Fort Pierce Electric Car Rally and drag racing

car shows | Posted by admin April 24th, 2011

Attended the Fort Pierce Electric car rally held by Steve Clunn from Greenshed Conversion. There was a parking lot full of electric cars and conversions that showed up for the event.

The EV GT-40 took second place at the show. This award meant a lot to me because it came from a group of my peers in the area.

After the show we all paraded down to the Palm Beach Raceway for an event put on by ECEDRA. We were just a small event being held in a big night of racing by a lot of groups from classics to the top fuel dragsters. Ron was there with his electric Camero dragsters and Paul showed up with his Porsches. There were lots of delays getting the cars ready to pass tech and even a mishap with a blown controller, but fun was had by all.

I didn’t race the EV GT-40 at this event due to a battery problem but hope to be back at the next event and make a good showing.

Palm Beach Supercar Supershow

car shows | Posted by admin February 27th, 2011

Feb . 26th Palm Beach Florida – West Palm Beach Super Car Super Show

My son Andy and I and the  EV GT-40 attended the Palm Beach Super Car Super Show along with Andrew Roddy and his electric E-Box.  We were joined at the show by Paul Little and his electric conversions.  In all we had a total of 8 electric cars at the show and took up a pretty nice area right in the center. We made a great impression as we sat in among the ultra expensive and iconic super cars. (Yes, if you are paying attention, there were three Andys.)

Flagler Drive

Cars Lined up on Flagler Drive

Builder Andrew McClary with the EV GT-40 Electric Car

Andy McClary with the EV GT-40. He gets his license next year and already has his eye on the car

The EV GT-40 was a big hit and drew a lot of crowds.  The major parts of the car was labeled up along with illustrations to show how an electric car works.  Andrew Roddy had his electric E-Box with and AC Propulsion Systems motor and controller right next to the EV GT-40.   The cars drew larger crowds than the Ferrari and Lamborghini which was sitting next to it.  This I think caused some disappointment to the owners of those cars which were a lot more expensive than my electric Gt-40 replica.  By the end of the day both myself and Andrew Roddy were horse from talking all day to people with questions.  They all had questions and a real interest in the cars.

EBox and EV GT-40

Andrew Roddy and his E-Box along side the EV GT-40

Checking out the car

Motor controller and Charger

Everyone had questions

EV GT-40 Electric Car

People spent quite a bit of time inspecting the car

EV GT-40 Electric Car

Car enthusiast looking it over

The E-Box all electric car by AC Propulsion - Andrew Roddy owner

An Electric Lamborgini Replica

Notice the EV Logo

12" Warp 9 in the Lamborgini Replica

2005 Ford GT-40


Dual 12" electric motor Porshe - Paul Little

280HP x 2 - All Electric

Cars lined up along Flagler Dr.

Exotics and Race Cars

Dancer gracing the grandstands

Drag Racing Rolls Royce

One FAST Rolls Royce

Leather Covered Nitros Bottles

A very good showing of electric cars

Even speed boats

Very Cool Looking Chair


A Local Dance group takes the stage

Drag Racer


Lotus Interior


GT-40 Replica

Performance Power Racings GT-40