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Removing the Engine

Restoring and Building | Posted by Andrew September 2nd, 2008

The first step is to take the car apart and remove any rust from the frame and get the suspension and brakes working.

But before I start that, the engine needs to go. This will lighten up the car and make it easier to work on.
Rolling the car in and out of the garage right now is really hard. I think the front left brakes are locking up.

Here are some photos so you can see what I am starting with. A lot of work.

Getting rid of un-needed ICE (internal combustion engine) parts.

Once the engine is gone there will be plenty of room for batteries.

The back glass was carefully removed and stored in a safe place so it won’t get broken.

The engine is hooked up to the hoist and bolts removed. Ready for removal.

The fly wheel, clutch and pressure plate are removed. These are going to be needed and will have to be adapted to mate to the electric motor.

Special thanks to my friend Tom for helping me remove the engine. The engine was rusted solid so its next home will be a scrap metal yard.

The frame is rolled back into the garage. The next step is removing the transmission and suspension so the frame can be cleaned of rust and the bad areas cut out and replaced.