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Fort Pierce Electric Car Rally and drag racing

car shows | Posted by admin April 24th, 2011

Attended the Fort Pierce Electric car rally held by Steve Clunn from Greenshed Conversion. There was a parking lot full of electric cars and conversions that showed up for the event.

The EV GT-40 took second place at the show. This award meant a lot to me because it came from a group of my peers in the area.

After the show we all paraded down to the Palm Beach Raceway for an event put on by ECEDRA. We were just a small event being held in a big night of racing by a lot of groups from classics to the top fuel dragsters. Ron was there with his electric Camero dragsters and Paul showed up with his Porsches. There were lots of delays getting the cars ready to pass tech and even a mishap with a blown controller, but fun was had by all.

I didn’t race the EV GT-40 at this event due to a battery problem but hope to be back at the next event and make a good showing.