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Battery Beach Burnout 2009

Uncategorized | Posted by admin February 21st, 2009

It was a great day for the annual Florida Electric Auto Associations Battery Beach Burnout.  Electric and hybrid vehicles from all over showed up for the event.  From a 1920 Milburn Electric car (yes, there were electric cars in 1920) to the 2008 Telsa Roadster, the show showcased the viability of electric vehicles.  

I have worked hard over the past month to try to get my EVGT40 running to take to the show, but it just wasn’t to be.  This didn’t put a damper on my day though because there was a lot to see.

This young man proudly showed me the car that his high school class has been working on.  It is young minds like these who hopefully will further the use electric cars.

This was another student project, a hybrid racer.

This company was at the show demonstrating a public charging station that they are trying to deploy in locations across the nation.  Users sign up on the internet and recieve a bar coded card which the system scans.  Once the user plugs in thier car and the system reads a secure connection, power is supplied.  When the car is charged a text message is sent to the users cell phone.  Should the connection be interupted the user is also notified.

This 1920 Milburn electric car is owned by a gentleman in Winter Garden, Florida.  Build in Ohio, there are only 35 still in exsistence today.  Though it now holds more modern lead acid batteries, it still runs off of a General Electric motor which was installed in 1920.  The Milburn Electric car company was purchased by General Motors in 1923 and the cars production was stopped.  For more history on the Milburn Electric Car go to

An Electric DeLorean complete with a box waiting for the “Flux Capacitor” to be invented to power it into the future.  All kidding aside this was a very nice conversion and demonstrated its speed on the road coarse.

A 2008 Tesla roadster was one of the stars of the show.  With a price tag over $125,000 it is the super car of electrics.  Made almost entirely of carbon fiber the car is lightweight and fast.  Boasting a 200 mile range on a 3 hour charge, this car demonstrates where the technology is going.  It truly is a work of art.

EAA Meeting and Park Vista Car Show

Research | Posted by admin December 13th, 2008

One of the best ways to get good information is visiting a local chapter of the Electric Auto Association. I am real lucky that there is a real active group right in my back yard. Today I spent the day attending a meeting in the morning the joining some of the guys who already had running electric conversions at a local car show.

(I didn’t take enough notes at the show, so if any of the guys from the Florida EAA can drop me a note with more info on these cars, I will gladly update this page.)

This 240SX had its maiden voyage to the show.  Done by Charlie at Vintage Voltage.

This Porsche is actually a high school project.  A really nice conversion that has also been a race car.

Shawn’s really cool electric motorcycle.

This Electric truck was done by Al Lococo in Winter Haven, FL.  He has a nice website with lots of details.  Click here to see his site.

Al used the same method that I was going to do to mate the Warp 9 to the transmission.  He had a problem with the system when one of the springs failed.  After talking to a couple of other guys at the show I think I am going to rethink how this is done and eliminate the clutch plate.

These cars were not electrics, but were very cool cars.  I liked the clean electronic dashboard on this hotrod.

I was lucky enough to find a new Ford GT40 at the show.  Unfortunately the guy was just about to leave when I got there so I didn’t get a chance to really look over the details in the car.  This was a shame.  It might have given me some good ideas on how to finish out my car.