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Delray Beach Public Charging Stations Open

car shows | Posted by admin May 5th, 2011

The dedication ceremony for the city of Delray Beaches new charging stations was today. I attended the event by driving the EVGT-40 and got to test out the J-1772 connector at my first public charging station.

We had 7 electric cars at the event including 3 new Chevy Volts. My EVGT-40 was at the center of attention again as they set up the podium right in front of it.

Our own Charles Whalen gave an excellent speech despite not being prepared to speak. Not only did he donate the equipment, but also handed the vice mayor a check to pay the first years electricity which should be less than $500. A fraction of the cost they already spend on lighting.

Ribbon cutting ceremony

First time charging the EVGT-40 at a public charging station

A good crowd

A job well done Charles Whalen!

The car is videotaped by the local news

J-1772 Charging Connector

Electronics, technology | Posted by admin November 13th, 2010

J-1772 Charging Connector

Thanks to Charles and David from the Gold Coast EAA, I now have a J-1772 charging connector to put into my car.  This new connector is the North American standard developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers for use in all charging stations.  Once public stations are put in, my car will be able to easily get a charge.  The connectors are really nice.  There is a button on the top of the plug that links locks into the charging connector so its not accidentally disconnected.  Simple electronics in both the plug and receptacle do some handshaking to make sure the connection is in place before electricity begins to flow.

J-1772 Connector showing pins

The button on the top has a place where a lock could be inserted