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Interior finishes

interior | Posted by admin June 15th, 2010

Finishing the interior has really been fun and rewarding. I get to see it all come together and look like a real luxury sports car. The one thing I do wish I had was an air conditioned garage to do this in. Since it’s now June, Florida days get up in the 90’s and lots of humidity. I keep a stack of t-shirts in the garage to change into as each one gets soaked. Working inside the small interior of the EV GT-40 is tough.

Just so we remember were it all started from 2 years ago.

The Interior- Seats

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin December 2nd, 2008

Today I went and picked up my wife at the airport. She was returning from visiting my father in law in South America. When she left she took with her the patterns for the car seats she and I had worked out. While she was there she and my father in law took the patterns to some local shops and had the seat covers made. I was excited to see the final product. Custom fit and professional. They need to be stretched and tacked onto the seat foam, but I had to see how they were going to look in the car. Special thanks to my father in law for his help.

The interior

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin November 17th, 2008

Designing the interior.