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I am very pleased to announce that after a lot of hard work, I am putting together a new car company to carry on what I started with the EVGT-40. I have pulled together a great group of people to start this new company and look forward to putting more electric cars on the road. As more develops I will be posting here on my blog. I would also like to really encourage everyone to Like our new Facebook by clicking here and hitting “Like”.High Voltage Hot Rods will be focused primarily on building replicas of iconis automobiles. We currently have business partnerships to deliver and EV Cobra and and EV 55 T-Bird.


If you have come to this site after seeing the EVGT-40 and want us to build a great performing electric car for you, please bookmark HighVoltageHotRods.com. The site is under construction but will soon be featuring clips from our television show and information on our cars. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a sales representative please click here.

Delray Beach Putting in Public Charging Stations

Andrew McClary with the Mayor after announcing that the city will be putting in public charging stations. Click here for full story.

Update: Thanks to the Gold Coast EAA’s own Charles Whalen, the charging stations are installed and functioning. They are located in a garage on North East 1st Ave. and Second Steet. They are free for now but at some point meters will be put in to charge for the parking spots. Great job Charles and a special thanks to the Mayor for listening and believing in the future!! Click here to see the story on the sun Sentinal web page.

May 3rd. Andrew McClary is Interviewed on Channel 5, NBC West Palm Beach News

Evan Axelbank from NBC Channel 5 West Palm Beach news interviews my son and I


EV GT-40 Featured on The Revenge of The Electric Car web site

Revenge of the Electric Car

The EV GT-40 Featured on the movie site for

Before and After

Building a kit car has been one of the most rewarding projects I have undertaken. I learned a lot about cars and myself along the way. There were times when I hit a wall because of a part wouldn’t fit or something didn’t turn out the way I wanted and I would sit in the garage and just look at the car and think about just quiting. Make no mistake about it, building a car like this is a hard task. Making it electric and doing it as a restoration is even harder. I would then think about my kids and what I am always telling them about not giving up. I would then pick up a wrench and try again. I was not going to give up.

I alone did 99% of the labor that went into building the EVGT-40, but I could never have done it without the many good people who helped me on the internet. The internet was the most valuable tool I had in doing the hundreds of hours of research I needed to solve the problems along the way and to aquire the knowledge to do everything from the body work to the advanced electronics needed to put together the electrical system. The second most important knowledge base was my local Electric Auto Association group.

Below are some of the before and after photos.

Interior Before






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  1. Engel says:

    Hi there I like your post “a – Building and electric sports car.” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Greetings Engel

  2. evifran says:

    Andrew, Great photos of BBB. We look forward to you joining us on The EVI!
    Fran, Ron & Joy

  3. YHTNAPA says:

    As a car guy, I love your site. This is the future of hot rods. Restore not back to OE, but upgrade to electric power trains.

    I think I found my next Project!

  4. admin says:

    Actually no. That is another site. I am the builder of the EVGT-40 and have the scars to show for it.

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