EVView – WiFi Battery Monitoring

Posted by admin May 1st, 2012

Working with Charlie Malone from Vintage Voltage, I have been creating a wireless wifi battery monitoring system called EVView™.   The system is comprised of a wifi enabled device that hooks up to Charlie’s Battery Management System and displays the status of every cell on any wifi enabled device with a browser.  The main design is intended for iPad and Android Pad devices that could be mounted in the car for easy monitoring.  Combined with a wifi router and wireless G card the system could also be accessed over the internet for viewing your cars battery status remotely with an iPhone or iPad.

Vintage Voltage’s BMS system works with a series of slave modules which hold slave boards which can each monitor up to 12 cells.  The slave units communicate with a master control system which is mounted up under your dash.  This system monitors all of the cells and alerts generates alerts when certain user defined parameters are met.  (High cell, low cell, high temp)  When hooked up to your charger, the system controls your charger to make sure that the system is shut down when any single cell reaches its maximum voltage.  This is very important in a lithium pack because overcharging a cell can easily damage it.  The system also will do some balancing to bring high cells in line with your lowest cell.

Design for the Speed Controler Screen - Coming Soon.

Your packs actual capacity in any system is limited by your weakest cell.  By bringing the high cells down, the system can then turn the charger back on and bring all the cells up together.  This balancing component is user controllable so if you feel its not necessary as some believe, it can be turned off.  EVView™ plugs into the system to provide a graphical user interface suitable for the average consumer to read but also detailed enough for the engineer.

Currently the system only monitors the Vintage Voltage BMS but plans are also in the works for an interface with the Zilla speed controller.  Once those are complete drivers for the Evnetics and Warp controllers will follow.

The system is currently in beta testing and should be available soon.  Pricing not yet available.

Beta - Voltage Display Screen shows all cell voltages

Voltage Screen showing cells being balanced in orange

Vintage Voltage Slave Unit

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