Makerbot EV Wheel Coins and Horn

Posted by admin April 21st, 2012

The wheels on my EV GT-40 have wheel caps that were purchased without any identifying company insignias. It was time to do something special. Using 3D Studio Max I designed a coin that would fit perfectly.


Blank Wheel Caps


The final Makerbot made wheel coins in place

From 3D Studio I outputed an STL file which I gave to my 16 year old son Andy. Using this file he loaded it into the Makerbot 3D printer that he had built from a kit. The Makerbot uses a plastic filament that is fed into a heated extruder tip. This tip, controlled by the computer and stepper motors, lays down layers of the plastic to print out objects.


The Coins Design loaded in the Makerbot software


The Makerbot Software

The Makerbot 3D Plastic Printer my son Andy built


The Letters Painted in Silver

Makerbot made coin sized for the Horn Button

If you have a Makerbot and would like to make a set of EV coins for your electric car, visit Thingaverse where the final STL files are posted.


The EVGT-40

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