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Makerbot EV Wheel Coins and Horn

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin April 21st, 2012

The wheels on my EV GT-40 have wheel caps that were purchased without any identifying company insignias. It was time to do something special. Using 3D Studio Max I designed a coin that would fit perfectly.


Blank Wheel Caps


The final Makerbot made wheel coins in place

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EVGT-40 on Front Page of the Sunday Sun Sentinel

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin April 15th, 2012

My work on the electric car has started to get a lot of attention.   I was contacted last week by the Sun Sentinel about doing and interview.  Doreen Hemlock came out and spent about an hour interviewing me about electric cars and how I built my own.  I took her for a ride in the EVGT-40 and she was really impressed.  “What a smooth ride,” she said.  I also provided her with some other contacts in our Electric Auto Association that she could follow up with.  I was surprised and honored to find a photo of my car on the front page of the Sunday edition of the Sun Sentinel this morning.

EVGT-40 on the Front Page and Main Story in the Money Section

Upgrading the front brakes and lowering the front end

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin April 12th, 2012

S-10 Drop Spindle

The Fiberfab Valkyrie uses a Corvair front suspension system and steering.  This setup in its stock form makes the car a bit high and in the case of the loading on the EVGT-40 it means that the front end sits a bit higher than the loaded down rear where the batteries are located.  Many Valkyrie owners lower the front end by using heavy duty springs and cutting them down.  This does lower the front but the ride is very rough and the travel distance of the suspension is limited.

New Lowered look

This means that if you hit a good bump the suspension tends to bottom out with a good jolt.  I did this to my car and have been driving it that way for a few thousand miles.  Though it works, there is a better way.  It turns out that the spindles on a late model Chevy S-10 pickup has the same geometry as the Corvair.  The ball joints are slightly different but the holes can be machined to take the Corvair ball joint tapered bolts.   As it turns out there are quite a few drop spindle kits readily available for the S-10.  These can be found on eBay for less than $200.

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Spring Festival Flea Market Custom and Antique Car Show

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin April 2nd, 2012

The EVGT-40 brings home another trophy from the Annual Spring Festival Flea Market Custom and Antique Car Show.  The Gold Coast Electric Auto Association had  a nice turn out with 4 cars at the show.  There were over 600 custom and antique cars at the show and lots of auto fans.

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