Lithium Batteries are Loaded and Ready to Wire

Posted by admin October 28th, 2011

Battery and Solar Cell Rack Welded and Ready

The Battery Rack is Bolted to these Rails Above the Motor

The Batteries and Solar Cells Mounted

The Solar Cells Power Fans that Cool the Pack

Compression straps with rods hold pack together horizontally

The Solar Rack Hinged For Easy Battery Access

As seen through back window

The next step is putting in the battery management system which will monitor the status of all of the batteries.  I have been working with Charlie Malone who has designed a really nice system.  I am working on the computer display system for his electronics.  The computer display system will also monitor what is coming out of the motor controler, which in my case is the Zilla.  Below are are some preview shots of what the display is going to look like.  It will run on either an iPad or Samsung Tab.

copyright 2011 Andrew McClary

Battery View Mode - Copyright 2011 Andrew McClary

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