Lithium Ion Battery Racks

Posted by admin October 23rd, 2011

The batteries arrived from Calb Battery nicely packed in wood crates.

My first step was to check out how they would all fit in the battery compartment area. They are very different in size from the lead acid batteries that were removed. This meant I was going to need to make new battery racks.

The lower rack fabricated

Testing the rack in the car

One of the issues with lithium batteries is the heat. They don’t like the heat and if they get too hot it will decrease their life. This is especially true in Florida. To solve this problem, I am installing a ventilation system in the back to remove some of the heat. The system is going to be powered by photovoltaic solar cells mounted over the battery pack. The small solar array will also help shade the batteries from the sun.

Finished Battery Rack with solar panel rack on top

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