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Upgrading the EV GT-40 Electric Car

Uncategorized | Posted by admin September 24th, 2011

The EV GT-40 has been a great project but it has suffered from one big flaw with the lead acid AGM batteries…range. That is about to change with a new set of lithium ion batteries on the way. The new battery pack will give me 30kwh of energy, drop 400 lbs off of the car and give me a usable range of about 90 miles on a charge.

A few other things are going to get upgraded in the process. The Ubuntu Linux computer and Liliput Touchscreen are going to be replaced with an Android powered Tablet in the dash board. Splash panels are going to be installed underneath the car to help keep the motor and battery compartment dryer and improve wind resistance on the bottom of the car. A new battery monitoring and management system is going to be installed. I am going to be working with Charlie Mallone on this system. He has developed a nice little piece of electronics for monitoring all of the cells and managing the charging and discharging process. The final step in this process will be bringing all of the electronic data being generated by the motor controller, BMS, and speedometer into one place and displaying them on the Android touchpad.

Since all of the batteries are coming out opening out of the rear compartment, I am also going to take a look at another none electronic issue…the seat comfort. With extended range, I would like the drivers seat to be a bit more comfortable. Since there isn’t going to be a big ice engine in the back, it’s possible to alter the Valkyrie’s built in seat to move it back about 3-5 inches with a little fiberglass work.

I am shooting to get the EV GT-40 back on the road by December 4th for the big Festival Car Show in Pompano Beach. The Gold Coast EAA will have a number of our cars at this public show up against a lot of super cars and custom hot rods that live in Florida. The car is going to take it’s last drive on lead this morning and then the work begins. Stay tuned to this blog for photos and videos of the work. I look forward to sharing with everyone.

Andrew McClary

Lithium Batteries Ordered

batteries | Posted by admin September 22nd, 2011

The EV GT-40 will soon be lithium powered. A set of 54 – 180ah lithium cells have been ordered. Below are the calculations and specs.