Gold Coast EAA at Earth Day Event – Mayor promises charge stations

Posted by admin April 9th, 2011

Mayor of Delray Beach Nelson S. "Woodie" McDuffie

The Gold Coast Electric Auto Association attended the Delray Beach Earth Day event in Delray Beach on Saturday. At the event the club had four electric cars on display along with the other earth day exhibits. The highlight of the even though was that the Mayor, Nelson McDuffie publicly promised the chapter that public electric charging stations would be installed in Delray Beach before the 30th. Special thanks for this needs to go to our own Charles Whalen who has worked hard with the local government to make this happen by donating the initial equipment for the stations.

Andrew McClary with the Mayor

Showing off Charles Whalen's Chevy Volt

Charlie Malone's 240ZX with a new lithium battery pack

Showing off the cars

EAA Members Discussing Electric Car Tech

Charlie Malone with the new public charging socket.

Andrew Roddy with his new converter box to the new standard charge port

They are faster than a turtle

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