Pricing out a Lithium Ion Pack

Posted by admin February 7th, 2011

Calculations for a new battery pack using Thundersky Lithium Ion (lifepo4) Cells

40 ah cells

3.5lbs each
$50 each

112 cells in pack
392 lbs
358.4 volts
14.32 kwh
43 miles expected range*
$5,600 total

60ah cells

5.51 lbs each
$75 each

72 cells in pack
41 miles expected range*

90ah cells

$112.50 each

72 cells in pack
230 volts
507.6 lbs
62.81 miles expected range*

100ah cells

7.72lbs each
$125 each

56 cells in pack
432 lbs
179.2 volts
17.92 kwh
54 miles expected range*
$7,000 total

200ah cells

16lbs each
$250 each

56 cells in pack
108 mile expected range*

* .33kwh per mile with current configuration, with lighter pack this should be even less

The other added expense that has to be considered is a high quality BMS (Battery Management System).  Its not an option. Without this it is easy to destroy a good set of very expensive batteries.

Thundersky Lithium Cells 3.2 Volts Each - 4 of the ones in my hand are a little more than a single AGM currnetly in use.

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