The importance of tight bolts with high voltage

Posted by admin November 14th, 2010

I learned an important lesson today. I had changed out a few of the Zener battery balancers and hadn’t tightened down the bolts on one of the terminals. When I took the car out for a test run I noticed a bright flash in my rear view mirror in the top of the battery pack. I immediately got off the peddle cutting the flow of electricity and pulled over. What I found was that one of the terminals I had just worked on was blackened and the nut and washer were noticeably damaged by what had been arcing electricity. Without the bolt being tightened the copper plate was loose enough on the terminal that a bump in the road had cause it to jump a bit. The high voltage electricity just jumped this tiny gap producing an arc. Needless to say I cleaned up the terminal, replaced the nut and washer, and the rechecked the connections on the rest of the pack.

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