Wayland Living Green Fair – Nov. 7th

Posted by admin November 7th, 2010

Got a chance to show the car at the Wayland Living Green Fair today. The response was overwhelming. I barely have any voice after talking to people all day. I am amazed how so many people even today are unaware of the viability of electric cars. I had a great time educating people on the technology. The best was the reaction from the kids and young adults.  There were a number of teenagers who were really into modifying cars who took a big interest.  Maybe we start a whole new generation of electric hot rodders.  Everyone was really amazed that the EV GT-40 wasn’t a commercial car built by a big car company, but by a hobbiest in a garage right in their own neighborhood.

Toyota and Lexis were at the show showing off their hybrids, but I was the only one at the fair with all electric drive.  Hopefully at next years show we will have some full on electric cars from Nisson and Toyota and Chevy showing plug in electrics.

I really want to thank the folks at Wayland Living Green fair for letting me show off the car.  If we are ever to move away from oil, its all going to be about educating the public.

All setup and ready for people to check it out

Charging off of 110 Volt line

Checking out the car

Lot of interest and questions

Wayland painting a mural with the kids at the fair

Whales Love Clean electric cars

Photo op with a whale

Andrew answering questions from kids

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