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Coral Springs Classic Car Show

Uncategorized | Posted by admin March 29th, 2010

Head Room

Restoring and Building | Posted by admin March 29th, 2010

The single biggest problem I have with the GT40 design is the head room. The GT40 was given this destination because the roof height was 40 inches. The Valkyrie is slightly higher but not by much. My 6’1″ body is a bit tall for the car. One solution is the Gurney bubble which many GT40s sport. This bubble over the driver was designed to fit Gurney’s tall frame. I never liked the bubble. I think it kills the cars lines. I wanted a different solution.

The charging port

Electronics | Posted by admin March 29th, 2010

One of the last body modifications was the installing of a charging port. I searched all over for a suitable gas door and compartment to house the charging port which in my case is a 125/250 volt 30 amp plug. I found a VW Passat in the junk yard that had a nice setup. The Passat’s gas portvand door can easily be removed and is all one Peice and not built into the body as most gas doors.