Redoing the steering

Posted by admin November 29th, 2009

After a few test drives of the car I discovered that there was a major flaw in the steering setup. I had used the components that came with the car and the setup done by the previous owner. He had used a rack and pinion system. The problem is his geometry was all off. The control arms were too short and were causing a bump steer problem. The was also an issue with the angles of the control arms which caused issues in the turn. My solution was to go back to the system shown in the original plans which used a modified Corvair paralelagram steering system with a steering box and pitman arms. I had found a Corvair in the junk yard and had grabbed the whole steering system so I had the parts. I ended up using a Corvette steering box. The geometry of the Corvette box worked better and was stronger.

As I put all the new parts in place I could see the design working out a lot better. The geometry all just worked better. The only downside was I had the do some surgery on the nostrels so the were not as deep to accomidate the steering box.

Andrew McClary
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