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It’s Alive! The car comes to life.

Uncategorized | Posted by admin October 17th, 2009

After getting ahold of Otmar at Cafe Electric it was determined that the controller hairball (the low voltage controller that all the wired run into) did not have the correct option for running reversing contactors. I sent it back to Cafe Electric and he quickly added the options and got the controler back to me.

With the hairball out, I took the time to rewire a lot of the connections into bundles and run them all into three connectors. This would make removing the hairball easier as well as make it a lot more organized. With the hairball back, it only took me an hour to hook up all the wires from my connectors to the hairball.

I put the system back into the car. I powered it up and turned on the computer. A few moments latter I was checking the setting in the Zilla hairball. Everything confirmed, it was time to turn on the key.

Turning the key I could hear the forward contactor engaging. A further turn of the key to start and the main contactor clicked on as well. The computer was telling me no errors and ready for accelorator input. I slid into the seat and pressed the pedal. With only a slight wine the wheels began to turn. The RPM guage began to climb. It was alive.

Unfortunately it began to rain outside so the car was going to stay in the garage for now. If the weather is good tomorrow it will be time to test it on the street at low speeds.

Andrew McClary
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Uncategorized | Posted by admin October 5th, 2009

Well I just got off the phone with Ryan out at EV Source. He has been a great help in providing support to help me with the Zilla. Dispite our efforts and lots of double checking of wiring I am still getting an error that indicates that the motor contactors are not engaging. This excersize has given me a lot more understanding of how the system is supposed to function, but it’s still not working.

I also want to thank my friends and fellow EAA members Matt Graham and Lowell Simmons for looking over my schematics and trying to help me out over the weekend. All the guys at the Gold Coast EAA have been hearing about my progress and assisting me over the past year.

At this point the issue has been passed onto the people at Cafe Electric for support. All of my test data and schematics have been forwarded on and I am waiting to hear from them.

It’s hard to be so close to getting it running after a year of hard work and be stuck.

Hopefully I can get this all worked out this week.

Andrew McClary
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