Turning it on

Posted by admin September 27th, 2009

Worked all day tying up loose ends connecting up the last few switches and wires. Hooked up the car computer to the Zilla and got the whole system ready to power up. After doing one last check of all the wiring and making sure no tools were in the battery compartment, the time was here to turn the key. My son and I jacked up the back and put in the jack stand so the rear wheels were off the ground. The front wheels were blocked off.

I turned on the main aux battery power. The Zilla controller came to life with a green light. I pulled up hyperterminal on the computer and hit connect. Moments later I was rewarded by the Zilla giving me a menu. Sucess!

Now time to connect up the battery pack. With my son Andy at the computer it was time to turn on the key and see if the main contactor would engage. I got in the drivers seat and turned the key. There was a click and then a red warning light. The Zilla was registering an error. Shut down.

I looked over the system but didn’t see anything out of place. Time to call a friend. I put in a call to Lowel Simmons and left him a voicemail. A few moments later I got a call from Lowel. He walked me through the setup screens in the Zilla. They were not all set up. Made a few changes and powered up again. Turned the key and click. The main contactor came on line. The computer read 1314 status code. A quick check of the manual confirmed a 1314 code as a ready to go, waiting for the accelorator pedal. All green lights.

I got in the car seat and pressed the pedal. Nothing. Disapointment…and a call to come in for diner. Looks like tomorrow night I begin checking wires.

So close.

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