Creating an air intake for the controller radiator

Posted by admin September 25th, 2009

The Zilla DC motor controller is a liquid cooled system.  It uses a small radiator to cool the coolant which is pumped through the system.  I wantd to create an air intake and duct system to help cool this system.  Though it will also have a small fan, hopefully I won’t need it.

The GT body already had air scoops designed in the body.  One of these was cut out for this use.  A duct then needed to be fabricated to match up to this air intake and transfer air to the square radiator.  This I fabricated out of fiberglass.

Step 1 was to create a cardboard mold. This mold was covered in duct tape and fiberglass cast over the top of it.  Below you can see the mold on the right and the fiberglass peice on the left.

2. Sand the peice and add a little filler to make it look more finished.

3. The radiator is bolted onto the duct.

4.Bolts were fiberglassed into the body to attach the duct over the air scoop.

5.A mount was also fiberglassed in to hold the pump.

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