EAA Meeting and Park Vista Car Show

Posted by admin December 13th, 2008

One of the best ways to get good information is visiting a local chapter of the Electric Auto Association. I am real lucky that there is a real active group right in my back yard. Today I spent the day attending a meeting in the morning the joining some of the guys who already had running electric conversions at a local car show.

(I didn’t take enough notes at the show, so if any of the guys from the Florida EAA can drop me a note with more info on these cars, I will gladly update this page.)

This 240SX had its maiden voyage to the show.  Done by Charlie at Vintage Voltage.

This Porsche is actually a high school project.  A really nice conversion that has also been a race car.

Shawn’s really cool electric motorcycle.

This Electric truck was done by Al Lococo in Winter Haven, FL.  He has a nice website with lots of details.  Click here to see his site.

Al used the same method that I was going to do to mate the Warp 9 to the transmission.  He had a problem with the system when one of the springs failed.  After talking to a couple of other guys at the show I think I am going to rethink how this is done and eliminate the clutch plate.

These cars were not electrics, but were very cool cars.  I liked the clean electronic dashboard on this hotrod.

I was lucky enough to find a new Ford GT40 at the show.  Unfortunately the guy was just about to leave when I got there so I didn’t get a chance to really look over the details in the car.  This was a shame.  It might have given me some good ideas on how to finish out my car.

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