Side windows

Posted by admin December 4th, 2008

The side windows on the Vallyrie kit seem to be the poorest thought out part of the kit design. The plans call for using a 1965 Ford Mustang corner window and 1965 Ford LTD 4DR hardtop side glass. When I bought my car the previous builder had already installed the Mustang corner glass but the LTD glass was missing as was the lifts and regulators. After a lot of searching, Ford LTD glass was found. After receiving the glass and test placing it, a real problem raised it’s head. The LTD glass was going to hit the door locks. It also was not going to match the curve of the Mustang guide rail. There is also going to be an issue placing the door locking lever. This is going to take some thinking.

The problem is the previous owner installed a lot of thing wrong. (Not the first time I have found this.) The Mustang windows were mounted to the door not the inner panel as instructed in the manual. The latch and handle were also wrong. These were all removed and work has begun on doing it right.

The curve is actually wrong but with softer rubber it should work. I ordered new rubber. I have also done some modification to change the curve slightly so the windows will closer match the right curve.

The regulators and tracks arrived and like almost all these old parts they were rusty. It was just surface rust so into a chemical bath they went.

The old 1968 manual makes it all look easy but it misses a lot of details and the photos are poor. As I was mounting the parts on the inside door pannel I realized I was going to need to use bolts as posts to hold a lot of the parts just off the pannel. I also needed to be able to adjust them to get the glass to line up in the car. I had to do a lot of back and forth adjusting to get it right. I also had to drill a couple of holes before I found the right spot. Luckely is pretty easy to fill in old holes with some fiberglass epoxy and glass powder.

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